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Hardie Plank Horizintal Siding

There are a number of different styles and types of siding. They vary from color to size. The most basic type of siding out there that is commonly being used today is the hardie plank fiber cement horizontal siding. It has a 50 year warranty and is much more durable compared to the old type of LP siding.




The Cost varies a bit when it comes to size but mainly in installation costs. Typically the cost per piece is roughly the same to cover the same surface. For instance, a piece of siding that’s 8 ¼ may cost $6.75 a piece but a 4 ¼ may cost $5.25 at the end of the day you are covering approximately the same amount of squares for the same price. However, the install price may cost $2.00 a sqft for 8 ¼ but $3.50 for 5 ¼ this is typically due to the amount of extra work related to the install. Because you are installing twice as much siding, therefore, the cost is almost doubled.


Trim board (around doors and windows)

There are many options that you may use for window trim. The most common used trim in this industry is 5/4x4 white primed spruce. This wood is just over 1’ thick and works great around the windows and the doors. You can either 45 the corners or just cut them straight depending on what look you are going for. The 45 degree cut around the window may look good at first but may buckle with time, so I personally recommend the straight cuts.

The corners are done with the same wood and are nailed together with a siding coil nailer or finish gun. You might want to use a smaller board for one side that way your corners match. You may also 45 degree the corner just like the one below with the same size 5/4x4.



There are two types of shingle siding out there that are commonly used. The hardie shingle siding and the cedar shingle siding. They are both just as appealing; however, the hardie clearly is more durable. I love the way the shake looks when you finish installing but keep in mind you will be staining the cedar every few years to make it look attractive and not allow it to turn black. This is unless you stain it with a hard stain that holds just as long as painting it. The shingles may come in panels (which is clearly easier to install or in a individual bundle) Just like the size we talked about earlier, the only difference here is the cost of labor. You either save money on material or labor but at the end of the day the cost will be the same meaingè Individual shake cost less than the panels, but is more expensive for install,  Panels are more expensive but are cheaper to install.






Bat & Board siding installation

This has become a very popular look in the Pacific Northwest. This siding is done with 4x8 feet panels that are typically made of hardie.  You may purchase wooden panels but they should be primed unless you are planning to stain them like the shingles. When you install these panles they are either nailed 16’ on center or 12’ on center. This will depend on how busy you want it to look. Usually you would do 16’ on center with 1x3’s and 12’ on center with the 1x2’s. This is the best way to make them look nice. See pictures below.


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