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Siding Construction Contractor

We have been Serving Whatcom county for almost 20 years:

We are the leading siding company in town- we specialize in siding replacement

and siding repair. We guarantee there is no siding company that compares to our

work ethic and our work experience. Our reviews speak for themselves- we have

a 5 star rating on Google because we make sure every customer is satisfied with 

our services. We can provide recent work references of clients we have worked 

with. We also offer free consultations over the phone with all your siding options.

Whether you want us to replace your LP siding or you vinyl siding- we do it all. 

We can even provide exterior ideas as we have sided thousands of homes in the

last 20 years. 

Whatever you you decide to do- New construction, siding replacement or repair

We have you covered. We insure you will be satisfied- it is our company mission

to make sure every customer is satisfied.

  • Cost Efficient
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Reliable
  • Experienced
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed

We are a siding contractor company and we specialize in fiber siding installation, 

cedar siding installation, bat & board, etc. We have been Whatcom County siding 

contractors for over 2 decades and have satisfied every client with a perfect track 

record. We have replaced every type of siding from: Vinyl, LP, Cedar, etc- 

which may I mention the LP and Vinyl we highly recommend be replace. We work 

along side with home inspectors which have noticed that the LP in the Pacific 

northwest has started to fully deteriorate. LP was in a class action lawsuit just a few

short years after it was released. And if you have vinyl you might be in some real

trouble in a few years as the product does not actually have a seal. It only is 

protected by the paper that is installed prior to the siding installation. 

We do not do vinyl it has become very unpopular in the last 5 years, And more

specifically it can no longer be warrantied by the insurance companies.

People are switching over to hardie plank siding. Plus, hardie cement has a longer 

lifespan and has a warranty of about 30 years on most products and as high as 

50 years if well maintainted. We do siding repairs as well, if you have a minor 

leak or one wall rotting through we can help. Rainy season seems to be consistent 

in Whatcom County and we are one of the few siding company's that are qualified to do 

all types of siding. The other companies in town are not specifically siding- most of 

them can do siding but are not specialized in this field. There are several companies 

like Topside- which is a roofing company and secondary a siding company. And other

companies like Herboth and Bakerview Construction which are general construction

companies that do all sorts of different trades. We are the only company in bellingham

that has focused on siding for almost a 2 decades to not only learn the trade but to learn

the products we are using. 

We have lead certifications and have a means of checking whether you and your 

family is at risk from the lead in your paint or your siding. We are one of the most 

reliable and affordable siding installers in Bellingham, and we are one of the most 

experienced siding companies in Whatcom county. We are mainly known for our 

siding remodels that we have done in Bellingham/Whatcom county area. 

Feel free to contact us with even the most basic questions we have a friendly staff 

and we offer free consultations over the phone. You can either email us, call us or

even text the phone number on the contact us page- We know its the 21st century 

and we have adapted to every form of connecting possible. You can even follow 

us on Facebook to see some of the work we have recently done.

We look forward to working with you, and we know you will be satisfied with our 

work and our prices. And if for some reason our quote seems high we will match any

competitors quotes within reason- just as long as they are a comparable company.

Custom Siding Done For the Owner of Logos (Now known as Faith Life- Biggest 

Company in Bellingham)

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